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Pocahontas Vision Statement
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Pocahontas Town Council meets every third Monday of each month.

Pocahontas Vision:

Pocahontas Town AdministrationThe future of Pocahontas reflects the community’s unique past. This historic Southwest Virginia mining town will capitalize on its legacy of population diversity and architectural heritage and the brand identity of Pocahontas coal in a celebration of the important role the community played in fueling the progress of Twentieth century America.

By prioritizing achievable rehabilitation efforts with revenue generation potential and packaging a suite of existing and planned recreational and quality-of-life assets, Pocahontas will become an important partner in regional tourism efforts.

The revitalized town will offer residents and visitors an engaging experience in an authentic community, at once reminiscent of its frontier town past and optimistically engaged in its own progressive advances.

 Business, Professional, Occupational, License (BPOL) Tax

New Business License Application must be approved by the Pocahontas Town Council

(Please note you will need Adobe Reader to download the applications. Please click here to download a free copy of Adobe Reader)

Click here to download Business License Application

Retai Sales:
1st. $100,000 .20 per $100.00
 Next $400,000 .17 1/2 per $100  
 Next $500,000 .15 per $100.00

Repair Personnel and Business Services:
1st. $25,000 .36 per $100.00
Next $25,000 .31 1/2 per $100.00
Next $50,000 .27 Per $100.00

Financial, Real Estate and Professional Services
1st. $50,000  .58 per $100.00 
Next $50,000  .51 per $100.00
Over $100,000 .44 per $100.00

Contracting & Persons Constructing for own account of Sales
1st. $100,000 .16 per $100.00
Next $150,000 .14 per $100.00
Next $250,000 .12 per $100.00

1st. $100,000 .05 per $100.00
Next $100,000 .04 per $100.00

Minimum Rate:  $20.00

Personal Property Taxes are assessed on all motor vehicles, motorcycles, RV motor homes, boats, etc., are rated at 0.90/$100 and are due December 5th.

Real Estate Taxes assessed on all land and houses owned, rated at 0.45/$100 and are due December 5th.

Motor Vehicle Decal Fees $10.00.  Town of Pocahontas must be the listed jurisdiction on the Vehicle Registration prior to obtaining a Town Decal.

Refuse Fees $8.50 Residential, once a week pick up.  $25.00 Commercial, three times a week pick up.

Building Permit $20.00
Click here for the Building Permit Application

Laurel Meadows Park Shelter Lease $25.00 with electricity, $10.00 without electricity. 4 hour time limit.  Restrictions apply.  Contact Town Hall for more information.

Notary Public $5.00 per signature.

Fax $2.00 first page, $1.00 each additional page

Copies $.50 8 ½ x 11, $1.00 8 ½ x 14, $2.00 11 x 17

Town of Pocahontas
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